• Market Salad

    • 7.00

    Spring- mix greens served with tomato, cucumber, and beets with ginger dressing

  • Japanese Seaweed Salad

    • 7.00

    Daikon topped with high-quality seaweed salad, dressed with Koto's special ponzu sauce

  • Kani Salad

    • 8.00

    Crab meat with cucumber, rnasago and seasoned with Japanese spicy mayo

  • Sun-Dried Tomato and Avocado Salad

    • 9.00

    Spring-mix greens served with sun-dried tomato inside avocado platform, relished with honey wasabi and Koto's sweet miso sauce

  • Sweet Potato Tempura Maki Salad

    • 10.00

    Thinly sliced sweet potato tempura mixed with spring-mix greens, enriched with Japanese BBQ and yuzu dressing

  • Salmon Skin Salad

    • 10.00

    Cucumber and spring-mix greens topped with smoked salmon skin, marinated in Japanese BBQ and vinegar dressing

  • Koto’s Blue Crab Tajita

    • 15.00

    Arugula topped with blue crab tortillas, flavored in balsamic vinegar dressing

  • Koto’s Seared Pepper Tuna Salad

    • 15.00

    Thinly sliced pepper tuna dipped in wasabi and miso sauce

  • Koto’s Spicy Lobster Salad

    • 17.00

    Authenticate masago sprinkled lobster supported by avocado bowl, relished with Thai yuzu dressing